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Ten Shining Medals of Para Sukma KL 2022 from the SMA Fighters

Although a month has passed, the sweet memories created by the SMA Fighters at the Kuala Lumpur Para Sukma Championship 2022 (Oct 30 - Nov 6, 2022) are still fresh in our minds, where a total of 3 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals, and 1 Bronze medal which brought ten medals were won by SMA Fighters for 2 types of sports namely Boccia and Chess.

The first gold medal was won by SMA Fighter Nurul Azlipah Rahman who represented Kelantan in the BC4 Women's boccia event. While the second and third gold medals were won from the sport of chess by SMA Fighter Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam who represented Perak, respectively in the Men's Individual Standard P1 and Individual Rapid P1 events. Ahmad Nazmi also won the silver medal in the Men's Team Standard P1 event and the bronze medal in the Men's Team Rapid P1 event. As for SMA Fighter Amirul Iman who represented Melaka, he won the silver medal in the Men's Team Rapid P1 event. While SMA Fighter Siti Safura Jaapar who represented Negeri Sembilan won four silver medals, respectively in the Women's Individual and Team Standard and Rapid P1 events.

These ten medals are the best achievements of SMA Fighters in the Para Sukma sports arena so far and they are determined to improve their respective achievements, not only the number of medals but also want to inspire and encourage the participation of SMA Fighters who are still teenagers to be active in the Paralympic sports. Although SMA limits their physical movement, they proved that their determination and hard work to achieve their dreams yielded proud results. Thank you to all the family members and contingents of their respective teams who also provided distinct support to make this success a reality. Well done and thank you. Amazing SMA Fighters!

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