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We are non-profit organisation based in Malaysia that provides education, care and support for patients and parents affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


Spinal Muscular Atrophy Malaysia (SMAM) is an association represents

spinal muscular atrophy patients to voice up all over Malaysia. The

members not only comprise from patient, in fact patient's family member

namely their parents, siblings and also friends that are considerate on this disease.


This association registered to Registry of Societies of Malaysia officially on 29 January 2017, which is initially SMAM only a small SMA patient group

in Facebook social website.

SMAM function as a organisation which unite all patients, family member

and public throughout the country to share any information and

information related disease that very rarely found this. Through this

association too , the members can interact, giving moral support and share experience in patient care between one each other.

SMAM Association also often arrange meetings among members and

involved in various activities sponsorship for the purpose of increasing society's awareness in Malaysia on this disease's existence.




Provides space (platform) for interaction among members as a place to gain moral support.

Provides information to the public about Spinal Muscular Atrophy disorder & enhances public awareness.

Helps in applying medical, health, education, infrastructure and mobility assistance from government agencies and the private sector needed by members of the association.

Provides letter of support to members who apply for the job from government agencies and private sector.

Consult physician (medical experts) for members for he association.

Our vision is to collaborate with the government agencies and the private sector in bringing orphan drugs such as SPIRANZA and CHERISH from American pharmaceutical company Biogen and any other SMA medication to Malaysia.


logo SMAM.png

Petal shape represent five (5) key component that cooperate by close in this organization which is :

i)     SMA Patient

ii)    SMA Family

iii)   Doctors, Therapies & Scientist

iv)   Society

v)    Authority & Legislator

Light blue colour represent cure from SMA disease, spiritual welfare,

emotion and physical.

Dark blue colour represent confidence, strength and resolution strength

deep improved comprehension standard, health and quality of life for those who affected with SMA disease.

Purple colour represent spiritual confidence, wisdom and mutual respect

attitude in every effort carried out.

Circular shape in peak every petal represent togetherness and unity

between all five key component in all efforts increase their quality of

life that affected with SMA disease.

SMA word Malaysia refer to Muscular Spinal Atrophy disease abbreviation
based in Malaysia.



Puan Shakira Jamil Binti Fisal

Vice President

Puan Arfah Binti Jamian


Puan Nurulhidayatul Fathi Binti Mohd Fadzil

Asst. Secretary

Cik Miza Marsya Binti Roslan

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-17 at


Cik Gazlia Umat

Funds & Donations EXCO

Puan Shakira Jamil Binti Fisal

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at

Medical & Research EXCO

Cik Siti Safura Binti Jaapar

Welfare & Needs EXCO

Puan Arfah Binti Jamian

Youth Development & Sports EXCO

Cik Anis Adilah Binti Amlaki & Encik Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam


Encik Meor Mohd Amiruddin Bin Abdullah

Publisity & Media EXCO

Cik Miza Marsya Binti Roslan

Representatives from Each Regions

Internal Auditor

Puan Hasniza Laili Binti Hashim 

 Cik Noor Raihanah Azemi

Puan Hasniza Laili Binti Hashim , Encik Rasis Anuar Bin Abu Bakar, Puan Zaidah Binti Tamjis

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