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Chess Closes PWDs - Public Gap

The 25th Grand Asian Chess Championships (GACC) Open Team was successfully held at KL Gateway Mall on 16 May 2022. The international standard chess tournament organized by Tuanku Bahiyah College Students, University of Malaya was participated by 4 SMA Fighters namely SMA Fighter Ahmad Nazmi Md Nizam, SMA Fighter Amirul Iman Amiruddin, SMA Fighter Mohd Azzani Ahmad and SMA Fighter Siti Safura Jaapar. In addition to them, there are some patients with rare diseases (Ichthyosis, Albinism, Pycnodysostosis, Steven-Johnson Syndrome etc.) and several other PWDs who participated in the competition. SMA Fighter Ahmad Nazmi and SMA Fighter Amirul Iman along with their two other PWDs teammates, namely Amirul Syahmie Shahrulizam and Fakhrul Nur Aiman ​​who represented the Para Melaka Boombastics (PWD) group were awarded the 'The Best Spirit Team' Award. Earlier, SMA Fighter Ahmad Nazmi won the Best OKU prize at the Klebang Open Chess Tournament at Aeon Mall Klebang, Ipoh Perak on 15 May 2022, a day before participating in the tournament at KL Gateway Mall.

Chess tournaments like this are seen to empower and become a great platform for PWD chess players to show off their chess skills and talents and in turn give incredible contests to regular chess players, proving that they can function very well if they were given the opportunity, space and appropriate support by the community. Congratulations to all PWD chess players who dared to socialize with the community, congratulations and thank you to all SMA Fighters' family members, other PWDs' family members, our team managers, organizers and volunteers who have assisted and enabled PWD throughout this tournament ❤️

The Para Melaka Boombastic won the Best Spirit Team Award

4 SMA Fighters participated in the competition

The PWD chess players gave a strong fight in the competition

SMA Fighter Ahmad Nazmi won the Best PWD Player in the prior competition - Klebang Open Chess Tournament, at Klebang Aeon Mall, Ipoh Perak on 15 May 2022

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