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Launch of '7 DAYS SHARING GRATITUDE' fund.


On this new year, 01 January 2021 and blessed Friday, we launch a Fundraising to purchase a Cough Assist machine which will last for 7 days.

This Philips branded Cough Assist machine costs approximately RM16,000 per unit and our total target fund is RM17,000.

We humbly and gratefully request you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, anyone who sees this advertisement to contribute to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Malaysia (SMAM).

No matter how much you want to donate. Through your kindness and empathy, in the sake of God, all of you will able to help as many SMA Fighters out there who need it.

Contribution to :-

Bank: Maybank

Account: Persatuan Spinal Muscular Atrophy Malaysia

No. Account: 5622 2733 8328

Donations can also be made through our DONATION link.

Thank you.

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