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MyHeart Talk Show Educated Public Regarding SMA

The collaborative Talk Program between MyHeart and SMA Malaysia took place successfully on 27 March 2022 online and featured Prof Dr Zabidi Hussin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Pediatrician (Neurology) IMU and Puan Nurulhidayatul Fathi, Secretary of SMA Malaysia and mother to Rania who is an SMA Fighter Type 2. Prof Dr Zabidi Hussin has covered the topic of SMA disease, its definition, patient problems and treatment needed to ensure SMA patients can live a good life. Prof Zabidi also emphasized that family and community support is very important to ensure the well-being of patients. Meanwhile, Puan Fathi shared her experience in caring for a high school child who is now 4 years old. She also shared her experience of getting the results of a doctor's diagnosis and all the challenges faced during the treatment performed on her daughter. This sharing session is very eye-opening for the community and for those who missed the release date can follow the recording on the MyHeart FB Page at the following link:

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