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Sinar Harian Coverage for Rare Diseases Including SMA

Sinar Harian Press has covered several rare diseases including Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) in the Special Edition on 15 November 2021.

Journalist Nurul Nabila Ahmad Halimy has conducted the online interviews with Prof Dr Zabidi Hussin, Pediatrician and Neurologist, also as the Chief Medical Advisor of SMA Malaysia to understand the issue of rare diseases, especially SMA.

Those who were also interviewed were Pn, Shakira Jamil Fisal, SMAM President, Ms. Gazlia Umat, SMAM Secretary and Ms. Siti Safura Jaapar, SMAM Medical and Research Exco, each on the role of SMAM in helping SMA patients in Malaysia, experiences, challenges and hopes of SMA patients.

It is hoped that this coverage has open the eyes of the public on rare diseases and increase public awareness on the importance of support from various parties, especially the government to help improve the health of various rare patients.

SMAM would like to thank Sinar Harian for its coverage.

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