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SMA Fighter On the UNICEF Stage

On the 19th of February 2022, one of our SMA Fighters, Ms. Miza Marsya Roslan attended the orientation of UNICEF’s Young Leaders Programme (YLP) after being one of the 45 young people selected out of over 300 applications from all over Malaysia. The event started with the opening remarks from UNICEF Malaysia Representative, Dr. Rashed Mustafa Sarwar. The YLP is a two-year programme where the first-year young people will learn about child rights and its issues through a series of workshops. The second year onwards, these young leaders will get the opportunity to apply what they have learned and get involve in campaigns and events that will be held. This programme is in collaboration with Studyhub and Childline Foundation. SMA Malaysia congratulates and wishes Ms. Miza that she will flies high, shine and excel as a future leader 💐

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