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SMA Fighters Shine Bright in The Chess Tournament

Practice makes perfect. This has been shown by two young lads and also the SMA Fighters namely Mr Amirul Iman and Mr Ahmad Nazmi who proved that nothing is impossible as long as there is a will, patience and hard work. Last Sunday, there were two of them played in the Herosifu Chess Academy Rapid Open Tournament 2022 at Hotel Tenera Bangi. The competition is an Open Category and runs for 9 rounds. Ahmad Nazmi managed to grab the Second Best place for OKU with a record of 6 points while Amirul Iman managed to grab the Second Best place for HCA Students with a record of 4 points. It is appreciated that the event was officiated by YB Senator Dato 'Sri Ti Lian Ker, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. We at SMA Malaysia felicitate these two SMA Fighters, as well as their family members who never tire of supporting them to continue to accomplish their endeavours and cultivate their talents like other children. It is proven that if SMA Fighters are given space and opportunity, they can succeed brilliantly in the community. Well done. SMA Fighters Never Give Up 💪🏼💕

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