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World Rare Diseases Day 2022 and SMA Malaysia Annual General Meeting 2022

28 February 2022 brought fond memories when SMA Malaysia held the SMAM 2022 Annual General Meeting and celebrated World Rare Disease Day 2022. The online event began with a speech by the master of ceremony, SMA Fighter Cik Siti Safura and a prayer recitation by SMA Fighter En Amirul Iman. Then followed by a speech from Mrs Shakira Jamil, President of SMAM 2020/2021 and a video screening of 5 years of SMA Malaysia. Then the participants turned off the lights or darkened the atmosphere of their homes and lit small lights for a while as a symbol of solidarity for the celebration of World Rare Diseases Day 2022. The ceremony continued with the presentation of the activity report and financial report of SMA Malaysia for 2021. Dissolution of Committee Members and appointment of the new Committee Members for the term 2022-2024 session went smoothly. The use of the online voting system for the election of new Committee members for the first time for SMA Malaysia went smoothly coordinated by Mr Muha and Mr Kusyairy, who were specially brought in from MRDS. The new 2022 Committee Members have been selected, namely Mrs Shakira Jamil (President), Mrs Arfah (Vice President), Mrs Nurul Hidayatul Fathi (Secretary), SMA Fighter Ms Miza Marsya (Assistant Secretary), SMA Fighter Ms Gazlia (Treasurer), and 7 exco namely SMA Fighter Ms Siti Safura, SMA Fighter Ms Anis Adilah, SMA Fighter Mr Ahmad Nazmi, SMA Fighter Mr Meor Amiruddin, Ms Lily, Ms Zaidah, Mr Rasis and SMA Fighter Ms Raihanah. Several plans were proposed and discussions were lively. The ceremony ended with the closing speech by Pn Shakira as the new SMAM President and the video screening of Strong Humans in conjunction with the 2022 World Rare Disease Day celebration.

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